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We go the extra mile to ensure our patients are receiving the gold standard of care.

As a team Dr Wilmien Du Toit (Pty) Ltd. places a lot of emphasis on pursuing postgraduate study and training, as well as regular attendance at international conventions in order to keep up-to-date with the latest technological and procedural innovations; so that we can maintain our personal standards of excellence.

dr wilmien du toit - malmesbury dentist

Dr Wilmien du Toit

Dentistry is a passion I have the opportunity to live out everyday. It is the difference I can make in a patient’s life which makes it al worthwhile. As society constantly judges an individual on looks and health, I revel at the opportunity to apply the science of dentistry in service of my patients. Your face and teeth is the first thing people see, and I have the ability to influence their perception. Having received my B.Ch.D from Stellenbosch University in 2003, I went on to complete my Postgraduate Dental Diploma in Radiology and later in Endodontics. Continued education is from utmost importance, to make sure I can deliver only the best treatment options to my patients.”

dr wilmien du toit - malmesbury dentist

Dr. Lunay Dreyer

“I believe that dentistry is the epitome of science and art joining hands. As oral health and facial aesthetics play such an integral part in our mental and physical well-being, it is very satisfying to be able to enhance a patient’s confidence by restoring their dentition to optimal form and function. The pursuit of excellence lies at the centre of everything that I do and in the way I choose to serve my patients.”

dr wilmien du toit - malmesbury dentist

Charlotte Beukes

Practice and account manager

dr wilmien du toit - malmesbury dentist

Hanlie Pienaar


dr wilmien du toit - malmesbury dentist

Doray Theart

Dental assistant